Your company sell, export or import goods from all over the world? Your purpose is trading?

To trade goods it doesn´t work easy and smooth for most of the time. Especially when you import or export.


Within the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA) the trading of goods, product and services are relative easy. But if you leaf this section than you are confronted with a lot of hurdles. You need lavish ways to the authorities to get certificates, permits etc. which are necessarily important to import or export any kind of goods. But this is not only about Food but also on products out of any other company e.g. Iron, Raw materials, etc.

Trading is in an tight conjunction with the Business Development. If you sell any goods of your company and you don´t have anyone who will buy these goods, you are in the classic Business Development section. But if you do have some partners for your products and goods but you don´t know to export/import and how to ship them, than we can support you and your company.

How Trading works at TraBiDev

At the very beginning on any of our actions there is a feasibility analysis. Here we declare in a tight connection with our clients what the aim of their assignment is. In opposite to the feasibility analysis in the Business Development our client knows exactly which products should be delivered on which place. He knows how the market looks like and which needs this market has. In short – we manage to ship the products fast and correct from A to B. Afterword we care about all necessary import- and export papers, duties and authority approvals but also about landing rights on airports and organize freighter planes and trucks.

Due to our good international network we maintain very good contacts to import and export authorities, companies and decision-makers over the whole globe to provide an easy and fast completion for our clients.