Business Development

What is Business Development?

Business Development is a discipline of the classic company management. The idea is to reach a specific goal which is called success. For this we use a bunch of different techniques. Never the less, the main part is to secure und consolidate the market position. But our intention is not only to secure. We develop the Businesses of our clients to the next level and help them last in their markets.

For this we use a lot of different management types and techniques:

  • Marketing
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Need Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Costumer acquisition
  • Costumer care
  • And may more

These techniques in combination or alone help our clients to last, grow and develop their companies. Our focus is especially fitted to our Client’s needs. It makes no difference for us to work in local, regional or global.
Our portfolio of strategic partners includes companies over all branches and countries. We are well networked as well in the production Business as in sales to provide the best product for our customers.

How does Business Development work at TraBiDev?

A overall prescription cannot be named to work successful. Like all the persons behind a company and business it is very individual. It is very important to hold a tight contact to our clients to discuss and report important decisions.
First of all we do a need analyses. Here we set what our goal is and what ambitions do our clients have. In connection we develop a feasibility analysis to show our clients the first tangible results.

All further actions like developing contacts to potential new costumers or producers is followed afterwards. As well the visits, if needed, and negotiations about price, dates, shipping, logistics etc.

As you can see Business Development is not a short action. It is more like a marathon. You need endurance, tenacity and precision.

Precision is a good keyword for Business Development. The Development of new products and technologies is part of our portfolio too.